Which way does a tree fall?
This is the home of the Once-ler. His thneed hasn't taken off as fast as he would have hoped. This is fine, the rather bitter (realistic) business man has found ways to pass the time waiting for the world to catch on.

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"Hm?" Dexter looked up. "Oh, er thanks for informing me of that." He smiled slightly. 

"You here to get fruit or are you loss?" He asked tapping out a light beat. "Because no one comes out this far into the woods unless they are lost or looking for something." 

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Once leaned back in his chair, his window open as he started to knit a pair of gloves humming amused. He looked up hearing footsteps, he raised a brow at the woman. “Hello,” He looked past her looking for anyone accompanying her “Are you loss miss?” 

Once leaned out of his window smiling amused as he watched the red headed child venture through the forest. “You know, if you keep heading in that direction you’ll walk right into a river.” He informed the boy, he had limited experience with children. Though he still did find them amusing despite the little girl in town antics.  

Once rolled his eyes dropping an arm full of barbaloots on to the pile of left over tufts. “Stop  coming into my home.” he scolded the animals that looked up at what they would considered a talking twig.  He sighed shaking his head at the creatures that rolled in the tufts of the truffula tree. He started his venture through the woods whistling a light hearted tune. Once felt a skip in his step as the lyrics came to mind. 

Rye whiskey makes your heart beat louder,
makes your voice seem softer, makes the back room hotter, oh, but

He sang looking back at pipsqueak and the others that followed him. He creeped closer to them his eyes carrying mischief. 

rye thoughts aren’t good thoughts, Boys,
have I ever told you about the time I…” 

He sang letting his hand grasp the trunk of a truffula tree. He let his weight stoop low so his hand could brush the top of pipsqueaks head.


Antonio smirked at the much taller looking adult. “Glad you’re feeling more social now. I feel like I should’ve visited the Truffula Forest more often, but it sounds like you were busy hiding away. Hehehe.”


"I have tendency to tuck myself away from others. That isn’t good all the time." He said ruffling the younger’s hair. Once hummed looking out at the forest. "Maybe I should just make thneeds for fun instead of profit." He said to Antonio.  

(Source: truffulaforest)


"Buenos días Once. It’s sure been a while my friend. What have you been up to?


"Hiding away from most and getting over some emotional things privately." Once said smiling at the shorter boy.  "I’m back though, finally feeling a bit social."  

(Source: truffulaforest)

"Guess my Greed left off to find bigger and better things." He sighed picking up a basket tossing his hat off to the side. He rubbed at his eyes taking a breath before starting out of his home humming.

Waste no time, weep no more,
Show him what the door is for.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.”

He sang walking through the forest smiling at the creatures that perked up hearing Once sing for the first time in a long time. He kicked up some fruit whistling a bit as he plucked some fresh fruit from the trees. 

"I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.” 

Once sang letting pipsqueak climb up his back to cling his head. The barabaloot ruffled the man’s hair reaching for the fruit on the trees. Once sighed handing the runt a fruit he had plucked. “I’ll be just fine without him.” He said nodding his head. 

"Good morning…To who ever is here or left.. Flowers…"