Which way does a tree fall?
This is the home of the Once-ler. His thneed hasn't taken off as fast as he would have hoped. This is fine, the rather bitter (realistic) business man has found ways to pass the time waiting for the world to catch on.

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"I miss you." 

"Well isn’t this a pleasant eve." 

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"Where am I?"
"Thank god, you're finally awake!"
"What do you mean? I'm your girl/boyfriend."
"You really don't remember me?"
"I bet forgetting is real fucking convenient for you."
"You aren't acting like you used to."
"We used to be really close."
"You've been out for a few weeks."
"Why don't you remember me? How could you not?!"
"Please remember.. just try to remember."
"How the hell am I supposed to believe this?"
"How am I supposed to know you aren't just doing this for attention?"
"Look at me! You have to remember me!"
"Who are you?"
"I'm trying to remember who I used to be, but I'm not that person anymore!"
"I bet you're glad this happened."
"I visited you everyday while you were in the hospital."
"This is all my fault."
"You know what? I'm glad you forgot me. I'm done."

"Maybe I should move the house. If people keep finding me it can’t be good." 

Once sat on the bench outside of his work. He looked over at today’s bench partner. He looked back at his simple bagel. “How is that book?” He asked. His therapist told him to to attempt to start conversation with people. It was advice in attempting to be social and more open. “I haven’t read it yet and I’m looking for something to read.” 

I do have a face claim for Once so if you want to try interacting with modern once we can do that :D 

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"Hello? Any one in there?" 

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